[ VIDEO ] Olamide on “The Seat” with TRACE Urban

The self-acclaimed “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth” – Olamide makes a sounding appearance on The Seat.     Olamide has been very active this year in the music scene with mega hit songs like “Turn Up”, “Duro Soke”, “Dope Money”, “Yemi My Lover” and he counts his blessings and attributes his being the main attraction at any event/shows to God.     Outside the glitz of his celebrity status Olamide breaks things down in this one on one chill-out interview.


VIDEO: HighLights From Headies 2013

The headies has come and gone ,much has been said about the nominee list and the winners for this year. We revealed the winners some days ago and the social media has been hot on the topic ever since.

The headies is the biggest award show in the music industry right now but the WINNERS list could have been different?? Share your thoughts about that .


by Tswahg of 9jaceleb

[ MUSIC ] Shamy Dawn(@nneoma22)- Nkpuru Obim

Shamy Dawn is an eastern based artist, who started doing music since she was 7yrs of age. But made it her career about a year ago. Now she has come up with this powerful love song that mesmerizes all that hears it, leaving them shouting nkpuru obim ooh! (Meaning; my soul). She has the kinds of Asa, Sia, Adele, Celine dion n Alicia keys as her role models in the industry. She is an indigene of Enugu State and a mass communication student. She is currently shooting the video of this great song. Nkpuru Obim oooh! let’s feel love again.


by Tswahg of 9jaceleb

Burna Boy Angrily Exited The Headies 2013 for Losing Out to Sean Tizzle in the “Next Rated” Category

Music star Burna Boy exited The Headies 2013 on Thursday night when rising Afro pop star Sean Tizzle was announced winner of the Next Rated category.

The category has been chosen to honor the most promising musician during the period of nomination. The award comes with a brand new ride.

Sean Tizzle picked the award and got the keys to a Hyundai Tucson SUV.

As soon as Sean Tizzle was announced as the winner, Burna Boy left the venue, telling photographers not to take his photos.

Childish Act or Normal Feelings?

by Tswahg of 9jaceleb

President Jonathan To Fuel Generators With N836.6million in 2014 + More On The 2014 Budget

A lot of controversy has arose regarding the 2014 budget submitted to the Senate by President Goodluck Jonathan

Below are the details of the budget so you’d know why the controversy surrounding the 2014 budget.

1. N836.6million was budgeted for the fueling of
generators. We will be breaking the figure down for you.

– The Presidency’s budget for fueling generators is
N33.47 million.

– The ICPC budget for fueling generators is N29.05

– Ministry of Police affairs budgets N16.5 million for
fueling generators.

– Office of the Secretary to Government of the Federation
budgets N16.48 million for generator fueling.

– Ministry of Finance budgets N76.5 million for fueling

– Foreign Affairs ministry also budgets N56.16 million for the fueling of generators.

– Ministry of Health goes a tad lower by budgeting
N47.62 million for fueling generators
– Police Formation and Command, on the other hand
budgeted N71.3 million for fueling their generators.

– Ministry of Information budgeted N13.85 million as cost of generator fueling.

– Ministry of Trade and Investment budgeted the sum of N20.8 million for generator fueling.

– Ministry of water Resources has a budget of N16.45
million for generator fueling.

– Ministry of Youth Development had a relatively low
budget of N1.81 million for fueling their generator.

– The Ministry of Women Affairs goes even lower with a budget of N901,452 for generator fueling.

– The Ministry of Defence has a budget of N30 million for generator fueling.

– Ministry of Education budgeted N36.92 million for
generator fueling.

– Office of the Auditor-General of the Federation
submitted the projected sum of N11.79 million.

– The Ministry of Communication and Technology was
also relatively low with the sum of N3.51 million for
fueling generators.

– The Office of the Head of Service also has the budget of N40 million for fueling generators.

– Ministry of Interior budgeted N20.75 million for fueling their generators.

– Ministry of Works budgeted N25.05 million for
generator fueling.

– Ministry of Lands and Housing also submitted the sum of N45.55 million for fueling their generators.

– Ministry of Environment has a budget of N13.16 million for fueling generators.

– The National Population Commission has a budget of N22.53 million for fueling generators.

– National Planning Commission also budgeted N21
million for generator fueling.

– The Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal
Commission budgeted the sum of N20.05 million for
generator fueling.

– The Federal Civil Service Commission also budgeted
N18.8 million for generator fueling.

– Federal Character Commission also asks for the sum of N5.92 million to fuel generators.

– National Sports Commission budgeted N17.12 million for generator fueling .

– Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission
budgeted N15.45 million for fueling generators.

– Ministry of Justice has budgeted N28.34 million for
generator fueling.

– Niger Delta ministry budgeted N16.85 million for
generator fueling.

2. The Federal Capital territory Administration also has a total budget of N30.4 billion.

– The FCTA submitted a proposal of N1.5 billion for the construction of new houses for the 4 principals of the National Assembly.

– The FCTA again budgeted N1 billion for the construction of a residence for the Vice President.

– N300million was also budgeted by the FCTA to be spent on recreational facilities.

– N1.5 billion is also planned by the FCTA to be spent on the construction of Phase 3 of the National Assembly complex.

– Ministry of Police Affairs also asks for the sum of
N391,829,200 to be spent on research and development.

– The Police Force is also budgeting N310,553,170 to
purchase vehicles.

– N735,878,855 is also the amount budgeted by the
Police force to rehabilitate its various structures.

– Uniforms and Clothing for the Police force is budgeted to cost N964,694,529.

– The Police Force is also proposing the sum of
N463,935,012 for the maintenance of police vehicles.

– The maintenance of police buildings, both residential and official, is said to warrant the sum of N219.7 million.

– “Other maintenance services” needed by the police
force is to demand the sum of N238,861,716.

– The total budget of the police force is about N292.36 billion.

The Presidency is also to gulp N1,219,612,417 for Local travels in 2014.

– International travels and transportation by the
Presidency also demand the sum of N1,159,240,600 in the coming year.

– The Presidency is also to spend N200 million for
foodstuff and catering supplies.

– Another N162,556,500 is to be spent on meals and
refreshments for the Presidency.

– Minister of Finance, Okonjo-Iweala is also to spend the sum of N568,859,940 on honorarium.

– Okonjo-Iweala is again asking for the sum of
N51,403,464 for meals and refreshments for the year

– N150 billion was also budgeted for the National

– The Presidency budgeted the sum of N320 million for honorarium and sitting allowances.

– N33.8 million was also budgeted for the foodstuff/
catering supplies, meals and refreshments of the Vice President.

– A total of N2.3 billon is budgeted to be spent on trips by the Presidency in 2014.

– N159 million is budgeted to serve as traveling costs for the officials of the Bureau of Public Procurement.

– Another N38 million is to be used to fuel the Bureau of Public Procurement vehicles.

– N78 million is also budgeted to the Police affairs
ministry to monitor capital projects in 2014.

– The Police affairs ministry is also asking for N4.3 million for meals and refreshments.

– EFCC is also asking for the sum of N283.6 million to
serve as legal fees.

– EFCC is also to get N1.4 billion to fund the
commission’s various capital projects.

– EFCC is also to get N27 million for meals and
honorarium for the year 2014.
Here are some of the things in the budgets that is driving

Can this really be true? Is our President that insensitive to the plight of the populace?

This post was written by Tswahg of 9jaceleb

by Tswahg of 9jaceleb

“You Are All Insane” – Open Letter To ‘The Headies Awards 2013′ Organizers | MUST READ

Dear Headies 2013 Organizers;

Let me start by saying I am not just disappointed in you but u have just proved to us that Nigeria is not getting better any time soon. You have been manipulated by a greedy and hopeless telecommunications company (MTN) because they sponsored your event and you forgot the ultimate rule that awards are meant to be impartial and should be decided by the general public especially when u told us to vote. You distributed the awards among four MTN ambassadors (Iyanya, Davido, Praiz, and KCee) and just one Glo ambassador won (Waje). Is that not politics or is it coincidence? Now let us analyse.

The Headies 2013 was a flop, your stage was shaped like a models runway, the choreographers lacked ideas and didn’t interpret the music, I have seen a better performance from Nigeria’s Got Talent. What was the Gulder Ultimate Search theme song that was being played throughout the event?

Who on earth uses the Mavin slaves -Dr Shit popularly called Dr Sid and Tiwa Gabbage knows as Tiwa Savage as anchors of an event? Oh I forgot, the awards lacked credibility and substance.

Why did majority of the winners come from backstage, instead of coming from the crowd like it should be? I watched Nickelodeon Kids choice awards this year and it is far better than the over hyped Headies which was not properly planned and hurriedly done #shame.

Can you explain to us how Olamide won Best Rap Album? Olamide has commercialised rap, we cannot tell if he is a rapper or a singer. As far as I am concerned, he is just an entertainer like D’Banj. So where does Vector, Phyno, Reminisce and Illbliss who represent real hip hop/rap stand? Don’t forget that there is a big difference between commercial rap and real rap, all he sings about is remind us that he is from the street but to be sincere Terry G is more street than Olamide and Terry G is not even a rapper #justsaying.

How can Harrysong win most MTN most downloaded caller tune song for RIP Mandela? when did Mandela die and do u want to compare that dead song with other club bangers in the same category? Simple, it is because Harrysong is a label mate to your MTN ambassadors (KCee). In my opinion Jawon, Waje, 2 Face, Clarence Peters, Blackmagic and Davido deserved their awards. How can Wizkid not win any award? Someone who has been the most consistent and sought after this year. I am sure Wizkid declined an interview from you that’s why he didn’t win, in fact Wizzy should be the artiste of the year. Why did D’Banj, Burnaboy, Wandecoal, PSquare, Flavour not win anything? oh I know why, it is because they are Glo ambassadors. 

Now explain to me why Sean Tizzle won the next rated award and he was in the same category as Burna Boy who is obviously more relevant and talented. We all know Sean Tizzle has the same old boring style and we can always predict his next song. Phyno too deserved the next rated award and how on planet earth did D’Tunes win producer of the year? Someone who recycled 1 beat 5 times (Kukere, Your Waist, Mama Eh, Lenu by Spicy, Kilogbe). So where does ace producer Del’B that produced the national anthem Limpopo stand? You are all insane!!!!!!

Infact, Headies, MTN and PDP should merge and start a new political party for the upcoming election in 2015. It should be named MHDP(Mtn Headies Democratic Party). We all know exactly what happened, MTN agreed to sponsor your event and they gave you the list of who should win. Our votes did not count; do you think we are blind and foolish like yourself? Instead of your greedy MTN sponsors to improve their network, reduce tariffs and contribute to the growth of the nation, they will be sending me SMS on how they gave free ipad and mp3 to those who sent an SMS to a code. They spend all their time looking for how to extort customers and scam us with their ridiculous offers (free airplane and a trip to the moon). I am sorry to say sir but if u continue this way your company will fold up and collapse because you are not an epitome of integrity. I am speaking on behalf of majority of Nigerians who know the truth and are not afraid to say it.

Those who feel this letter is nonsense should not forget to curse, insult and threaten me on @baddestdjtimmy. after my last two open letters, I have been insulted, chewed up, spit out, as being very jobless, hopeless and a broke laptop DJ.

You guys don’t know how much I love the insults so it means I am doing a good job and it makes me stronger. So in conclusion, if u have the opportunity to host another award show, learn from your mistakes and let our votes count this time. Let those who deserve it win, is that too much to ask?

-by @baddestdjtimmy

by Tswahg of 9jaceleb