READ: Open Letter To 9ice

With much love bro, i write to express my deep disappointment in your personality, which is supposed to compliment your career. Good looking but your attitude is a poison to your career & same is loosing life.
For a die hard fan like me, your proverbial lyrics are addictive, When Gongo Aso era came God lifted you but remember the higher a man is the more deadlier his fall would be. You make cash monthly, can afford this & that but brotherly, it seems like annointing has dried off you. You are only a celeb for your past work (Gongo Aso & Tradition).

Remember when you had issues with Toni, I never got a believable version of that story from the media, along the line Ruggedy’s name was in the picture .. he whipped you lyrically, he asked you to go ask for forgiveness from your wife.. i now suspect you had a bad issue with human relations but was blinded then coz I love you brotherly, no homo.

Recently, you also made it public that no unauthorised web/blogsite should publish your song, yea its cool to be different & unique; wonderful decision by your management; its the standard way.. I just think you have lost attention egbon, due to inability to show humility & you wanna make some noise through the media, come to think of it how many people still raise the roof for your songs again gan sef?, now out of arrogance & decision that has no SENSE you asked bloggers not to publicize your songs in this download era. how many people buy CDs on the streets? – you have kuku silence yourself.. Lobatan!

Your twins (the two girls), how are they fairing? thought you denied em sometime ago; now you revealed to the public that you are their father.. & that the reason why you denied them is bcos it took you donkey years before you also knew your father, its a personal something… Can you smell the Dumb talk + Lack of integrity, News has it that you baby mama’s sister thrashed you for such irresposible & downgraded brain act; perhaps she also doesnt give F’ or care if you are celebrity or not, she’s a NO nonsense fella! so she has to trash you.

if your crew aint facing you with the truth, coz you are their celebrity friend, “aguntan mi o je labe geesi” , I can step on your toes, get you mad & still dine with you. Incase you got friends that see it as it is, and tell you the truth as it is; pls respect them for the love shown …. You screwed up!

Bros I know you react in anger when confronted, but one word “ti sango ba n pa araba to nfa igi iroko ya” … finish all that up in your mind, cos “akun si inu, lekun nkun”. above all love you bro.

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