A Letter To Mr President

Reminiscing on the Presidential Media Chat broadcast on National Television recently, i will not be wrong to quickly term my President as a clueless person..

I wish my letter gets to him as soon as possible

Mr President,

I owe you no apology for intentionally omitting the phrase “Dear” in my salutation. Such word exists in forward-moving countries, not where lives and properties are no longer secured.
Your leadership has the no.1 citizen of this country has done us more harm than good. Your governance and presiding role has brought nothing but carnage and casualties to our doorsteps. Permit me to remind you that we’ve never had it this bad since the emergence of the name Nigeria as an independent nation; where an unknown evil sect kills, bombs, molest, lynch and destroys the known citizens for unknown reasons.

As if the slowpokism of your inept leadership is not enough, you exacerbate our pains with different dastardly composed quotes each and every day, such as “Nigerians, don’t panic. Terrorist attack is everywhere … maybe it is our turn”. Could that be the best our grand commander can spit out? You once said it that “Nigerians would feel one ‘kain’, if you don’t re-contest for 2015 electioneering process”. Who cares if you do or not? But, let me remind you that yours is to contest, ours is to decide.

Mr President, i write to re-inform you that the ever-vibrant and radiant Nigerians are no longer radiating; the pains and distress written across our faces can only be erased with time.
I hereby charge you that the life of an average Nigerian means NOTHING to you as a person and to your office at large. The country was in a state of tragedy and pandemonium when these evil sects struck consecutively with uttermost victory; thereby killing over 120 admission seeking youths on their supposed UTME day. As if that was a tip of am iceberg, the Nyanya bombimg loomed the nation without a cancellation of the presidential campaign in kano. You even considered it a must to ceremoniously partake in the whining and dining of Olubadan’s birthday than calling for a meeting with utmost urgency with the defense staffs, chief marshals, I.G and all affected security operatives.
Our school girls were rolled out in trucks in a territory where you cluelessly declared a state of emergency less than 24hrs to the Nyanya bombing.
It is a pitiable dismal pisma and regrettably lugubrious as Patrick Obahiagbon would say, that you have once again proved to all Nigerians and the world at large that we now have a first class and citizens; it is even more sardonic of you to place the school girls on the third class citizen scale as your actions and manners portrays nothing but nonchalancy and lassitudity.
Your excellency deems it fit to cancel a federal executive meeting which was to hold on Wednesday, 30th April because one of the considered first class citizens passed away due to his reckless driving and over speeding act which is against the codes and conducts of FRSC. A meeting that was suppose to raise questions and way forward to our disasters was cancelled by our oga at the top, just to seek and gain his political stance for the re-election of his cluelessness.

I hereby plead with u to forget about 2015 and work on present security threats and terrorism.
We know you can’t provide jobs for the unemployed youths.
We know you can’t handle corruption.
We know you can’t control mama peace from national abuse of power.
We know you can’t provide good roads and safe airspace.
We all know you can’t perform all these.
But, i plead on behalf of all nigerians that you fight for the freedom of our young girls. Your daughter got married some weeks ago with all expenses paid from the nations treasury, let the parents of these young girls perform such rites to their daughters as you’ve exorbitantly done.

Mr President sir, there are other issues at stake in this country Nigeria, but priority is the right to precede others in order, rank, privilege, etc. We know this govt has suffered a lot from misplaced priorities, but you can prioritize your tasks by liberating the young girls under the captivity of boko boys first. If that is all your Pharoahism reign of six years can do, it’s a welcome development and an applauded achievement.

I urge you sir to redress and re-posit the security state of this country to normalcy.

I remain my humble self,

A Concerned Citizen


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