Could Bola Tinubu Be The Man Behind Boko Haram?


How best can I describe him?

He’s vain and arrogant; dictatorial and devious.He’s someone to be feared and appeased; to be crossed only at direst risk and imminent peril; a magnet for sycophants who play his brand of politics; a Caesar whose attitude is capable of conjuring up an inevitable Brutus.He poses himself like Emperor Domitian of the Flavian Dynasty who must be consulted by any intending aspirant before indicating interest for a political office.He craves for political relevance and dominance at an unimaginable cost. You can easily predict with certitude, the number of human lives he’s ready to trade just to remain on top of political scheming.His brand of politics is one that thrives on destroying the sanctity and sanity of life; which is why he and his partners in crime invented ‘ECOMOG’, a body of ruthless armed hooligans used for the purposes of edging out political opponents. The ‘ECOMOG’ under his leadership evolved over time and metamorphosed into Boko Haram.
As Senator elect in 1999, he bragged he was going to remove the governor of his state from office(one he planted in 1999) at the turn of the next election in 2003, and he made good his threat in that year with the aid of ‘ECOMOG’. His 8years of as governor saw the reign of terror at its best; as this murderous group devoured innocent people in its drive to Ismalise Nigeria.

In his characteristic manner, he arranged for his blood brother to succeed him on completion of two terms as governor of his state, but the electorate who loathe him and were tired of his overbearing influence and wanted to put a stop to this killed the brother. He anointed another political godson and foist on his people,as he ran for the Senatorial seat of constituency in 2011. While he succeeded in planting his godson as governor, the people gave him the biggest surprise he ever got in his political career despite the expensive campaign he ran.This Emperor was massively opposed at the polls. The defeat devastated him and he vowed that whoever took his money during the electioneering campaign must “cough it”. By this he meant raining terror in the state. As usual he made good his threat as lives were mercilessly wasted.

He flirts around political parties seeking for where to achieve his selfish interest. After navigating the political waters of his state with the former APP, now ANPP – the party he lorded over and came to political stardom in 1999 as a Senator, and later doubled as governor, He abandoned that vessel and boarded the APC. So far he seemed not to be sailing smoothly with theAPC because, as a captain who wants things done his way, he boarded a vessel which already had a no nonsense captain on board, in the person of Biola Tinubu. Since two captains can hardly navigate a vessel without fracas, his arrival has already erupted quarrels with the bonafide owner of vessel APC.We wait patiently to see how this navigation ends ahead of the 2015 election; and the disaster it holds for the people the North/East who bear the brunt of this devious bloke. His people too have vowed to defend their vote in 2015 with the last drop of their blood.

He fits into the category of those governors’ who deliberately ignore their duties as they help themselves with the public treasury. While serving as governor in his state, this bloke is on record to have told a team of broadcasters that he was not concerned about the criticism of his administration in the print media, because 95 percent of the people in his state could not read and write. He shamelessly said less than two percent of his people had no access to newspapers (source, Thisday 19/04/2014). Is what a governor should be proud to say in public? This is the major reason why the N/E is a fertile ground for recruiting terrorists as gullible minds exist in abundance. Education which is an effective tool in reducing poverty and inequality is not accorded priority in most states in Northern Nigeria. The result is what we are all facing as a nation.

While those who midwifed and sponsor terror remain lose and above the law,Nigerians’ are left in misty eyes without an end to this reign of terror in sight.As the government embarks on an endless search for a way of nipping this conundrum – Boko Haram in the bud, arresting this vicious politician, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff a.k.a. SAS, and his collaborators would be the right step in the right direction. Those who live in Borno state and the N/E can attest to this. We are now confronted with the issue of the missing girls, a puzzle the military is yet to resolve when the shocked of two terrorist attacks in two weeks landed. Double jeopardy! I pray the FG succeeds in its search for these girls, because the trauma their families are going through is enough to send them to their graves. I also want to point out what is often not talked about. There is more to it in the politics of Boko Haram than meets the eye. The girls were to be relocated to another place which is safer and someone said there was enough security where they were, and the nasty thing happened. I read meanings into this like I did on the activities of this group.

Who are the people behind this?

source withheld

Disclaimer: 9jaceleb Nigeria’s view is not represented in this post


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