Joke Of The Day! Range Rover Evoque 2014

In case you don’t know what Range Rover Evoque is, here is how the 2014 model looks like ~>

Range Rover Evoque 2014
Therefore a guy on a date in a brand new Range Rover Evoque 2014, riding with his babe.

GUY: I’ve been hiding a secret from you and I think you will break this relationship if I tell you.
GIRL: What is it my love?

GUY: I’m an SS (sickler) and I’m also HIV positive.
GIRL: (Hitting the guy on d lap), you almost scared me! Thought you wanted to say this Range Rover you are driving isn’t yours, let’s go joooooor! Ordinary SS and HIV? I will die with you!

Hahaha!! Laff wan tear me for belle. Girl with money!

*What do you think? Girls this days ehn? na wa oo! …lols

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