SHAMEFUL: Beyonce’s Younger Sister, Solange – Insult, Kick & Punch Jay Z In Public?

The trio left the elevator with no smiles

Who says Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has drama. Wait until you watch Beyonce watch her 27 year old sister Solange

Knowles kick, punch, slaps, insults and probably spits of her 44 yer old hubby, Jay Z in an elevator in New York.

The good thing about the fight is we are still to find out exactly what transpired between Jay and his sister in law that made the young lady act so crazy and uncontrollable.

But what is strange is that from the video footage caught on a surveillance CCTV camera on Monday, Bey was totally NOT doing anything to stop her sister insult her husband. She just stood there, pretending to be helpless and was concentrating on arranging her Givenchy black sheer dress.

But Jay Z was being the gentleman; not attacking the obviously mad Solange but instead telling her to calm the hell down and get ready to step off the elevator. The hip hop star did not only get hit by Solange’s tiny hands but she also through her metal purse at his face while cursing the hell out of Jay.

As for the bodyguard, he was totally weaker than Solange who was still reaching at Jay Z’z chest, stomach and hands while in the ‘protective arms of the so-called bodyguard.

Probably Jay was living to his words he dished out to Chris Brown back in 2009 when he beat up Rihanna:

“Never ever touch a woman!”

But if he was in Nigeria, God help Solange if Jay Z won’t beat the living day light out of her.


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