Music Legend Daddy Showkey Reveals The Reason Why He Left The Music Scene For So Long

Wondering what Musician Daddy Showkey has been up to? read this:-

“I did not intentionally leave the music scene. I had a car accident that affected my spine in 2007.

Because it affected my spine, I could not do anything. For about three years, I could not walk and I was in a hospital in the UK. From there, I was transferred to another hospital in Germany. When I returned to Nigeria, I
decided to rest a little before resuming work. In the process of resting, some incidents happened. After the fuel subsidy protest, some people came to my house looking for me but they did not see me.

They eventually killed one of my workers in my house. Some months later, I was shot at a filling station in Agidingbi. But no musician called or checked on me throughout this period, so I decided to be on my own. I
rescinded my decision because people were asking me what was happening, especially my people in Ajegunle; so I had no other choice than to return to the music scene.” he recently told Punch newspaper.

Welcome back Daddy Showkey.


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