How to Kill Shekaru and Boko Haram Permanently – By Stephen Akintayo.

How to Kill Shekaru and Boko Haram Permanently – By Stephen Akintayo.

This last weekend was spent at a burial I officiated with other Men of God.The man died at 47 leaving 3 children behind.It was a painful site.Death is painful even if it is that of an evil Man.

However,death cannot be avoided particular the death of evil Men.Remember how the whole Country rejoiced at the news of the death of General Sani Abacha. I was in Maiduguri that day; my place of birth and due to his tribal marks I’m made to know he’s origin was Borno state.Inspite of that there was huge celebration in Maiduguri.

For the past four years I watched on tv how the north where I spent a good portion of my upbringing being bombed day and Night.Only God knows how many of my class mates have died due to this wicked acts.

Do we watch as innocent people die and evil men get bolder?God forbid!.The President was quoted to have said over 12,000people have died since the insurgency began. Gradually we are getting towards a time where the numbers of death surpass that of civil war in this same country.This silent War must end.

I need us to however note that this is not new in our nation’s history or world’s history.The Heart of man is wicked.A situation where few people want to surprise a significant number and use a psychological tool or spiritual tool as vehicle to perpetrate evil.In some country it started by calling some cockroaches ,tutsi and hutus or the killing of Jews by Hitlar.He needed to first reduce them from the human status.

In the case of Boko Haram,it is to say that people should convert to Islam or Die.It is to say that girls of age 9 should be married out thereby reducing the worth and value of women who are one of the most important and stabilizing force of the society.A situation where you attack the church and cut off the neck of pastors and turn their children to Orphans and yet kidnap them and claim they have converted to islam.A wicked act of bombing mosque and killing imam who condemn the acts of violence.

It takes a devil incarnate to feel un concern and water down the insurgency to the fault of government or individuals.Evil is evil any day any time.We must end this now!
It hurt me to see that some CNN reporter who are not Nigerian’s almost lost their lives trying to visit Chibok and no Nigerian Media house has gone there to interview those who are victims of this.It seems foreigners are more patriotic than we are.

As easy as it is to take Guns and bomb and ask for revenge to be carried out, we must understand that this battle is not physical but spiritual.It is only manifested physically.The root cause of this is a function of a Nation that is under a spiritual Curse and we are all guilty.

It started with Politicians who use human part for charms in a quest for power.Men who are in the business of kidnapping people and use their bodies for money rituals.Even the Church is guilty by collecting tithes and Offerings from this blood thirsty Men that walk amongst us.
You and I shout My Rich uncle help me and deep down you know his sudden wealth is questionable.
When society allow innocent blood to be shed without an end that society is called enthroning the gods of War.

When Material things swallow us up and we sell our conscience we have automatically sold the spirit and the prince of Peace who cannot duel in an environment where innocent blood cry out to God day and Night.

First of all as a nation,we need to cry out for Mercy. Whether you are directly involved or not,you must understand that we have all indirectly entrench this current system.

Secondly, we need to invoke the Vengeance of God on the perpetrator of evil.I have had to wake up in the dead of the Night to do this aside the day time Prayer. Praying for the peace of Nigeria which is our own Jerusalem is the key to peace and prosperity. You can’t prosper in a land you don’t pray for.That’s why most Nigerian’s are granded.

Exodus 12:12 ; For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night,and will smite all the firstnorn in the land of Egypt,both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgement:I am the Lord.

I see God pass through Nigeria and Judge Shekaru,his Men and Sponsors.If man’s court fail to capture him,He can’t escape God.Everything that happen in the Physical first happened spiritually.Let’s Spiritually Silence Boko Haram and wait for the Physical manifestation.

Psalm 7:13-16; He hath also prepared for him the instrument of death; he ordaineth his arrow against the persecutors.Behold, he travaileth with Iniquity, and hast conceived mischief, and brought forth falsehood.He made a pit,and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made.His mischief shall return upon his own head, and his voilent dealing shall come down upon his own pate”.

As the Lord liveth the Instrument of Death prepared by God himself will swallow up Boko Haram and its sponsors in Nigeria.That name will stink and be forgotten.

Lastly, let me join those who have said this and I speak unapologetically,If Boko Haram dare strike where I live,I will not kill them spiritually but will carry physical Guns and smash the head of those blood thirsty Demons.

I speak as the Son of the Prophet.Shekaru is Dead!Boko Haram is erased and their Sponsors will drop dead with strange illness in the name of Jesus Christ.

The angels of the lord who excel in strength will secure the release of those Girls.Our trust is not in America but in the name of the Lord.
We do not beg or appeal we demand That They #‎BringBackOurGirl .

For the sake of the saints in this nation,God will spare this country and save our Land.God Bless Nigeria and Those who Live in it.


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