OMG: See The 6 Very Popular Nigerian Celebrities That Have Slept With Tonto Dikeh

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OMG: See The 6 Very Popular Nigerian Celebrities That Have Slept With Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood’s most controversial actress,
Tonto Dikeh has had her own share of
heartbreak from men. This is why we need to
give you Top Six Celebrities That Once Slept
With Tonto Dikeh.
While some of them actually dumped her
after using and sucking her dry, she may
have dumped some as well.
Here is a list of the known men that have
graced Miss Dikeh’s honey pot at different

1) Don Jazzy

Don was the first entertainer to date Tontoh
when she was obviously new in the industry.
The both have to part ways after a couple of
years. One thing is sure, Don met Tonto when
she hadn’t gone really wide, when she was
still a bit fresh, succulent and juicy.
Tonto once joked that it was The Don that
disvirgined her. But we all know that she was
only joking.


Tonto Dikeh was dumped by her billionaire
lover, Osita Promise Offormezie for another
Nollywood actress in 2013.
According to the gist then, Promise allegedly
had a hot romance with the controversial
actress, Tonto, who has about 58 tattoos on
her body.Things changed between them
when Promise met another sexy actress, Onyi
Alex,who started warming the billionaire’s

3) 2G

Tonto Dike was heart broken by her sweet
boyfriend in March last year. Pictured below
with Tonto is the guy who did it. His name is
Caporahvenwah Okolie, popularly known as
Chief Capo.
He is an international model, rapper and
singer. A source said Tonto caught him on top
another lady in his home and they fought…
This led to their break up. Caporahvenwah is
good looking, rich and not ready to settle
down yet since there are so many
women”available” to him.He has a home in
Atlanta and also owns a record label known
as G-Muzik Entertainment.
Recall that Tonto Dike had bragged that she
doesn’t like Igbo guys, but this guy’s mum is
South African while his dad is a Nigerian
from Igbo.


Everybody knows that Tonto has a special
love interest for Wizkid.
She showered him with different gifts just to
get the younger guy into her hot panties and
thigh. She even reportedly bought him a car
as a wooing method. Although they both
denied the car story, but sources close to
them insisted that she actually bought him a
car. The tattoo loving actress later succeeded
in getting the younger lover, Wizkid into her
hot panties.


Yvonne Nelson accused Tonto of snatching
Iyanya from her and inducing the muscular
actor to dump her.
Tonto shamelessly fired back at Yvonne
telling her to go get a life and lick her wounds
as she had Iyanya all to herself. But Iyanya
later dumped her too after registering his
presence so many times at her “juicy room”


Michael is Tonto Dikeh’s current boyfriend.
He is rich and always spoils the star actress
with goodies. Michael Awolaja is an “Agent to
the Stars, Luxury Designer, Entrepreneur,
Business Man, Fashionista & Jeweller”
according to his Instagram page
@malivelihood Michael is the CEO of
Malivelihood, the guy behind all Tonto’s
customized Diamond iPhones, Rolex and all.

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